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DENOY DEBOER / January 26, 2016
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LIFE: Good News - It is Possible for a Family of NINE to Live in a Bus! #vanlife #buslife

Have you ever though of converting a school bus into an RV? Well, here's a bit of Good News... it *is* possible, and with a bit of planning, you could possibly even make it accommodate a family of 9! :)

The Good Family have done exactly that! Meet Shane Good, his Wife Julie, and their 7 young children. When not living in a regular home, the family lives in a 72-passenger school bus that they have converted into an amazing RV.

"The bus cost $3,000," said Shane. "Looking back I think that it was a little much. I have since heard about school auctions where you can pick up newer buses for as cheap as $900. Take your time and you may find a deal."

The total cost of the conversion was approximately $30,000. "I hope that this does not discourage anyone interested in doing a similar project," said Shane. "Keep in mind that we spared no expense when it came to the real oak paneling, Fridge, Water Heater, Stove, Hood Vent etc. It is possible to do it cheaper."

Indeed, no expenses were spared. The bus is beautifully put together, with wood paneling, accent lighting and high-end RV components. It looks and feels like a very nice, cozy, home. There are sleeping areas for 9 people (2 adults and 7 children), a full-blown master bedroom suite with TV, bunk beds for the children, a bathroom with shower, an outdoor shower, a kitchen with a refrigerator/freezer, gas stove, and oven, a dining/recreational area, and even a laundry room with a washer/dryer!

Editor's Note: You can learn more about The Good News Bus Project here:

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