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DENOY DEBOER / January 28, 2016
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AWESOME: Check Out These Awesome Pimped Out Japanese Vans! #Vanlife #Coolvans

When it comes to making things look cool, the Japanese are virtuosos. Well...maybe not in the case of the Prius Campervan, but check out all these other AWESOME, over-the-top creations!.

There are vans that look like spaceships, as well as vans that feature Disney characters, killer whales, sharks and other creatures. :)

I wonder what kind of gas milage these vans get. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any interior shots to these amazing vans, but I was able to track down some working links, so you can explore the images yourself.

Judging by the "cool" factor of these vans, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a button inside that said, "TRANSFORM," which when pressed, turned these vans into giant robots or something. lol

Here are some links for additional images/information (some of which would help if you read

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